A Bright Pearl from Sweden | Moonriver Audio 404 Review in NGHENHIN magazine 04/2020

“Despite its classic design, the Model 404 completely convinced us of the “jacket” outside. We can see there is balanced, calm, but not too flashy. As for the sound, this amplifier easily convinces the listener. It expresses the sound in a very natural and vivid way, does not highlight any sub-areas, does not add color to the music, but only provides a classy and coherent sound. Although the price of the product is only in the mid-range tube amplifier segment, Moonriver Audio Model 404 is completely capable of bringing true hi-end sound, especially towards the philosophy of modern audio design, optimizing the dynamic and preserving the fidelity of the recording. It is completely possible to defeat the competition with many times higher prices”.

Vietnamese (original) version:

English version (Google Translate):