A Charming Combination | Moonriver Audio 404 & ATC SCM40 v.2 Review in AUDIOHT magazine 09/2020

“The combination of ATC’s SCM40 version 2 and Moonriver Audio’s 404 actually sounds very synergistic. The high resolution, high-end ATC monitors have a transparent and three-dimensional sound stage and an accurate, colorless midrange convey the true information of the recording exactly as it is. The recording of a large format, such as the finale of Bernstein and New York Philharmonic’s Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, reveals a three-dimensional stage with wide left and right depths a deep front and rear depth, and shows the driving force of stable power without collapsing into the center of the stage even in the gun barrel. It is easy to understand the separation of vocals and orchestra instruments, as it shows the strength of the speaker’s resolution and detail”.

Korean (original) version:

English version (Google Translate):