Classicismo Sueco | A Moonriver Audio 404 Review in HIFICLUBE magazine 05/2020

“The 404 is an amplifier with modern, vibrant and young sound, with a high "athletic" capacity. It is difficult to define the type of the sound: Voices sound clean, clear, without artificial 'chest', which can often be confused with body and texture. It sounds like a thin cambric which, by letting the light through, show us the threads that makes the texture of the fabric: the smallest details are heard as part of the music, and not just as sound 'fireworks'.

The sound is so delicate and rich in information, that even conventional speakers seem to exhibit the characteristics of transparency and harmonic richness typical of electrostatics. It is a unique product from a new brand which can help you to solve the old valve vs. transistor dichotomy, offering colorless transparency, speed and dynamics without "aggression".

Portuguese version:

English version (Google Translate):

Moonriver Audio 404 Review in HIFI Test magazine issue 02/2020

“The 404 plays incredibly direct and doesn't give much the idea of the typical high-end sound. It sounds fresh and out of the box. The sound stage is wide, but has a particularly important effect in depth and height and sounds pleasantly lush. The retro style goes beyond the look. It is a device to touch, but most of all to listen to music, because of its direct and energetic sound which is the actual charm of the amplifier".

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in Stereo+ magazine issue 02/2020

“Absolutely fantastic with full control in the base and with an almost overwhelming musicality. It plays music in an open and transparent way, allowing for full insight into a well-defined three-dimensional soundscape. The Moonriver amplifier is incredibly nimble and precise, and has a transient response that makes your favorite music a festive moment. Everything merges into a rich and vibrant soundscape with massive amounts of information and timbre nuances".

Download the Norwegian version

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in VU Metre magazine issue#27 02/2020

“Moonriver 404 impressed us completely with its sound personality. We were amazed by its clarity, and its ability to highlight a considerable amount of micro-information and small details. Your records will seem much more supplied, detailed, and rich than usual. Acoustic instruments take on an almost physical posture, as the 404 seems capable of eradicating the coloration to deliver us only their essential marrow".

Download the French version


Moonriver Audio is present at High-End event on 8th and 9th of February 2020 at Seraton hotel in Stockholm.

Visit us in P.L.AUDIO show room.

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Moonriver Audio will be in Norddeutschen Hifi-Tage on 1st and 2nd of February 2020 at Holiday INN Hamburg Elbbrücken.

Visit us in LEN HIFI show room #1807

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Our new Norwegian distributor, Hagto Audio presents Moonriver Audio 404 amplifier together with Harbeth speakers on January the 25th at Søgne, Norway.

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Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in online magazine 12/2019

“This is an amplifier that plays in such a natural and effortless way that even very expensive devices from other companies can envy it. Its sound is dense, but this density is resulting from good resolution and consistency, not from coloration. The amplifier sounds very natural, saturated and incredibly vibrant. It's a sophisticated sound for not much money". (English) (Polish)

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier + Larsen 6.2 speakers Review in Finnish Hifimaailma magazine issue #7/2019

“The traditional but also up-to-date Moonriver Model 404 convinced us with its sound and performance. And that is a spectacular device. The amplifier upgrade ability is a big plus, it will meet your needs, the additional modules can be purchased afterwards and are not bad priced".

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in German LP magazine issue #01/2020

"The Moonriver is a beautiful power amplifier of the old school with amazing sonic potential: It sounds fresh, has a clear edge and is clearly one of the most dynamic representatives of its class"