Moonriver Audio 404: Green Award effortlessly earned 09/2020

Green Audio Review website awards the Moonriver 404 with a Green Award:

"The Moonriver 404 does that most important of jobs with flair: it makes our loudspeakers sound good. Any loudspeaker I threw at it was a great match. The see-through capabilities of this amplifier are simply amazing. The first time I plugged in the 404 it was revelatory. Clarity, insight, momentum, crisp smoothness. But when it had been in my system for a while and it was time to say goodbye it was harder than usual to let it go. Other amplifiers – even my beloved Croft separates – sounded, well, off. Better than Croft? That is high praise indeed".

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A Charming Combination | Moonriver Audio 404 & ATC SCM40 v.2 Review in AUDIOHT magazine 09/2020

"The combination of ATC's SCM40 version 2 and Moonriver Audio's 404 actually sounds very synergistic. The high resolution, high-end ATC monitors have a transparent and three-dimensional sound stage and an accurate, colorless midrange convey the true information of the recording exactly as it is. The recording of a large format, such as the finale of Bernstein and New York Philharmonic's Mahler's Symphony No. 2, reveals a three-dimensional stage with wide left and right depths a deep front and rear depth, and shows the driving force of stable power without collapsing into the center of the stage even in the gun barrel. It is easy to understand the separation of vocals and orchestra instruments, as it shows the strength of the speaker's resolution and detail".

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Review: Moonriver Audio Model 404 in HiFi Philoshophy magazine 06/2020

"Overall, the amplifier turned out to offer a colorful, atmospheric and well-saturated sound, it was also able to reproduce spatial effects, especially holography and reverbs. It doesn't hide the naturalness of the vocals, it was able to create a deep stage, immersing the listener in the music, allowing him to enjoy it. The most important here was the atmosphere, it was a reference to the sound from tubes. No bright light, especially soprano glow - transparent and atmospheric sound at the same time. Translucency was combined with chiaroscuro, the number of details was sufficient, and most of all it included the omnipresent three-dimensional, concerning both the stage and the sounds. Simultaneously, a melange of a good substitute for the most expensive and best amplifiers, for which you can pay tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands.".

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A Bright Pearl from Sweden | Moonriver Audio 404 Review in NGHENHIN magazine 04/2020

"Despite its classic design, the Model 404 completely convinced us of the "jacket" outside. We can see there is balanced, calm, but not too flashy. As for the sound, this amplifier easily convinces the listener. It expresses the sound in a very natural and vivid way, does not highlight any sub-areas, does not add color to the music, but only provides a classy and coherent sound. Although the price of the product is only in the mid-range tube amplifier segment, Moonriver Audio Model 404 is completely capable of bringing true hi-end sound, especially towards the philosophy of modern audio design, optimizing the dynamic and preserving the fidelity of the recording. It is completely possible to defeat the competition with many times higher prices".

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A New Powerhouse | Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in AUDIOHT magazine 06/2020

"The Swedish Moonriver 404 is a very good amplifier with the advantage of pure sound that extracts the recording as it is, in a neutral, natural tone with excellent dynamics and modern sound characteristics added to the retro but attractive appearance".

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Classicismo Sueco | A Moonriver Audio 404 Review in HIFICLUBE magazine 05/2020

“The 404 is an amplifier with modern, vibrant and young sound, with a high "athletic" capacity. It is difficult to define the type of the sound: Voices sound clean, clear, without artificial 'chest', which can often be confused with body and texture. It sounds like a thin cambric which, by letting the light through, show us the threads that makes the texture of the fabric: the smallest details are heard as part of the music, and not just as sound 'fireworks'.

The sound is so delicate and rich in information, that even conventional speakers seem to exhibit the characteristics of transparency and harmonic richness typical of electrostatics. It is a unique product from a new brand which can help you to solve the old valve vs. transistor dichotomy, offering colorless transparency, speed and dynamics without "aggression".

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Moonriver Audio 404 Review in HIFI Test magazine issue 02/2020

“The 404 plays incredibly direct and doesn't give much the idea of the typical high-end sound. It sounds fresh and out of the box. The sound stage is wide, but has a particularly important effect in depth and height and sounds pleasantly lush. The retro style goes beyond the look. It is a device to touch, but most of all to listen to music, because of its direct and energetic sound which is the actual charm of the amplifier".

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in Stereo+ magazine issue 02/2020

“Absolutely fantastic with full control in the base and with an almost overwhelming musicality. It plays music in an open and transparent way, allowing for full insight into a well-defined three-dimensional soundscape. The Moonriver amplifier is incredibly nimble and precise, and has a transient response that makes your favorite music a festive moment. Everything merges into a rich and vibrant soundscape with massive amounts of information and timbre nuances".

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Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in VU Metre magazine issue#27 02/2020

“Moonriver 404 impressed us completely with its sound personality. We were amazed by its clarity, and its ability to highlight a considerable amount of micro-information and small details. Your records will seem much more supplied, detailed, and rich than usual. Acoustic instruments take on an almost physical posture, as the 404 seems capable of eradicating the coloration to deliver us only their essential marrow".

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