The value of the beauty of music | Moonriver Audio 404 review in TheWave, Thailand's magazine by Wijit BoonChoo

"Well, if you appreciate the smooth flow of a Class A amp, love the rich, vacuum tube-like end the Moonriver Audio Model 404 's amplification style, brings all the advantages into one device in class AB. And it stands out in that grandiose, bright, wide and deep. It's really impressive!

The Model 404 surely sounds authentic and has a personality. The intention of the design team is to impress with every sound and the satisfaction of the audience is regarded as the most important thing. It is for the listener who wants to own every detail of sound quality and have elegance in every tone.".

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The Musical Pass | Moonriver 404 Reference wins a Diamond award in the review by LeBeauSon French magazine

"The Moonriver 404 Reference is A spellbinding device!

The integrated Swedish succeeds in seducing us with a form of expressiveness different from our criteria, more in the human tenderness of a friendly and carefree exchange around a wood fire than the more or less restrained intimate sensitivity of a shiver epidermal. The Moonriver 404 Reference is an amp that exists on its own with an engaged yet perfectly cohesive personality. The proof ? To the dismay of my teammates, I absolutely had no desire to make a comparison, rely on a benchmark. The Moonriver 404 Reference is an amp that exists on its own with an engaged yet perfectly cohesive personality. For the languorous who do not know the sources of their languor, the 404 Reference offers an eternal beauty, that of a certain art of living that only a Jaguar smelling of Connolly leather or a glamorous Aston Martin can release: it is less effective than a McLaren, but it still has another class.

Frankly, if I had the means, I would buy one. Value for money:
Invaluable. One does not negotiate with selfish pleasure, neither that of nostalgia, nor that of an altruistic form of classicism….".

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Retro but not retrograde | Moonriver 404 Review in TED French magazine by Michel Dallaire

"When an amplifier sounds good, it doesn't take hours of listening to realize it. Moonriver 404 is one of the few exceptions of which you can sit down and immediately stop asking questions as both a music lover and an audiophile. It has not often happened in my work as an audio columnist that a device forces me to put aside my analysis mode and simply let myself be immersed in the music. Moonriver 404 Integrated Amplifier is one of those exceptions and even though it seems to go against the grain in its design, it is based on sound and timeless values ​​that do nothing but do the music justice.

The 404 is superbly made, easily repairable and its user interface is one of the easiest to use. Despite its modest power, it packs a punch and its sound is simply sublime for its price category.  This is yet another device that I have to repack with a twinge of heart! But as my mother often told me, you can't have everything in life".

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A comprehensive amplifier | Moonriver Audio 404 Reference extensive review in Hi-AV Chinese magazine by Liao Feisen

"Taking a $6700 integrated amplifier as an example, the Moonriver Audio Model 404 Reference's performance in terms of music texture, solidity, smoothness , macro and micro-dynamics is indeed beyond expectations and beyond value.

The 404 Reference has a dense texture in violins, violas, cellos, double basses and other string groups. The richness, fullness and luster of various wind instruments are surprising and the energy is sufficient.

In addition, its body positioning is extremely precise and does not rush forward, and the usual timpani thump is also solid and stable. The output power of the Moonriver Audio Model 404 Reference is only 50 watts but the power supply delivers a really solid drive, first-class control".

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Gentle and moist sound | Moonriver 404 Reference Review in Audio Forum magazine by Hong Ruifeng

"As the time runs and stretches, the 404 Reference is getting more and more comprehensive. The low-frequency timbre definitely forms a school by itself. While playing the song "Queen", a rhythmic kick drum in the opening, was never heard like this. It allows me to hear the very subtle sound of the musician hitting the drumhead. The low frequencies were bouncing shockingly and the sound was more pliable than ever before. Firm, drum-skinned texture, like real, shocking waves in the air.

The guitar performance and the bass sound even more lively.  The 404 Reference reveals layer by layer the low-frequencies, and enriches the sound.  It's the most "human" sound I've heard recently".

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Love for Music | Moonriver Audio 404 Reference review in Audio Home Theater S. Korean magazine by Kim Nam

"No matter what kind of music you play, the richness, dignifiedness, and stability stand out. The realism of vocals and piano, and the majesty and resolution of the large arrangement are also commendable. Visual satisfaction and sound quality are all grade A".

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Top Naturalness | Moonriver Audio 404 Reference review in Sound & Vision HiFi Greek magazine by Paris Kotsis

"Consequently, it delivers the most organic tone we have heard from transistors, regardless of price.  The 404 Reference has the freest and clearest flow we've ever heard from a solid state amplifier. The most natural regeneration of the attack and the erasure, the most realistic performance of the duration and the way each note beats.

It does not impose anything "by force", but it releases everything in the recording and the speakers like this very much since they seem to bring out their best, especially in the transitional ones. The loads play calmer, fuller and more open under the guidance of the Moonriver Audio, they completely lose their excessive brilliance which is replaced by information but they never darken, since the amplifier is completely flat."

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Dreammaker & Heartbreaker | Moonriver Audio 404 review in Dutch Hifi Magazine "Music Emotion" by Ruud Jonker

"The Moonriver sounds neutral, very spacious, dynamically very well and has a beautiful focus and detail. Timeless, durable and affordable.

What is inspiring about Moonriver is that it's a beautifully built amp, with excellent performance, an amount of meaningful functionality, reliability, understandable user interface and a long expected life".

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Fine-tuned acoustic minimalism! | Moonriver Audio 404 Reference review in Swedish Hifi & Musik magazine by Mats Meyer-Lie

"The 404 Reference model managed to expose fine micro-details and creative, breathtaking depth, towards a calm, quiet and velvet-black background.

This little class AB amplifier delivers all the spellbinding realism and truly tangible sense of presence that usually reserved in low power (expensive!) amplifiers with minimum of components in the signal path. Yes, the cliché ”less is more” is more appropriate when the Model 404 Reference wraps you in an airy, acoustic magic.

The new 404 Reference delivers dynamic resilience and shocking realism that only few offer in the price range".

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Applause Award! Moonriver Audio 404 Reference review in Stereonet by James Michael Hughes

"I was immediately impressed by the warmth and weight of the overall sound; the strong and clear bass, plus the sweet richness of Joni Mitchell's voice. The dense layering of background vocals and synthesizers was amazing. I sensed the relaxed ease and fullness you get from good tube designs, but with the immediacy and detail found in the best solid-state models.

The combination of responsiveness, transparency, and a certain relaxed ease makes the 404 Reference musically rewarding to listen to.

I reckon Moonriver Audio's 404 Reference must be one of the best integrated amplifiers currently available. It delivers an outstandingly clear, dynamic, and full-bodied sound, with great timing, plus levels of clarity and refinement that few rival regardless of cost approach. I absolutely loved it. [...] A veritable wolf in sheep's clothing, it offers a monstrous musical performance".

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