Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier + Larsen 6.2 speakers Review in Finnish Hifimaailma magazine issue #7/2019

“The traditional but also up-to-date Moonriver Model 404 convinced us with its sound and performance. And that is a spectacular device. The amplifier upgrade ability is a big plus, it will meet your needs, the additional modules can be purchased afterwards and are not bad priced".

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in German LP magazine issue #01/2020

"The Moonriver is a beautiful power amplifier of the old school with amazing sonic potential: It sounds fresh, has a clear edge and is clearly one of the most dynamic representatives of its class"

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier Review in Swedish Hifi & Musik magazine #11/2019 in Swedish and English

"A rather amazing amplifier that really floored us and handled all the speakers we hooked up, despite the modest wattage. Moonriver provides hard-to-describe acoustic magic – the sound is of the kind that really must be experienced"

Download the English version

Download the Swedish version