Retro but not retrograde | Moonriver 404 Review in TED French magazine by Michel Dallaire

“When an amplifier sounds good, it doesn’t take hours of listening to realize it. Moonriver 404 is one of the few exceptions of which you can sit down and immediately stop asking questions as both a music lover and an audiophile. It has not often happened in my work as an audio columnist that a device forces me to put aside my analysis mode and simply let myself be immersed in the music. Moonriver 404 Integrated Amplifier is one of those exceptions and even though it seems to go against the grain in its design, it is based on sound and timeless values ​​that do nothing but do the music justice.

The 404 is superbly made, easily repairable and its user interface is one of the easiest to use. Despite its modest power, it packs a punch and its sound is simply sublime for its price category.  This is yet another device that I have to repack with a twinge of heart! But as my mother often told me, you can’t have everything in life”.

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